Integrating company awards with social recognition

Here’s a thought. What about taking old school company awards or employee of the month formats, sprinkling them with a bit of 2020 magic dust (wasn’t much of that around), and seamlessly integrating them into your social recognition program?

Track forward nine months and its ready to roll.

Workstars can now power award processes by company or department and whilst maintaining good old-fashioned leadership panel method of determining results, many organizations are adopting our hands-free automated approach. Our latest feature allows employees to now nominate, support, and vote for their winners with prizes handed out within seconds of the final vote being completed. 100% transparent.

With three different company award types to choose from, HR teams have real flexibility in the type of competition they want to run:

  • Employees nominate and the company decide the winners (more traditional)
  • The company selects the nominees and employees vote on the winners (more like it)
  • Employees nominate and the employees vote on the winners! (more likely to be loved)

In each instance, all previous recognitions an employee has received help to validate and support their nomination, with admins setting eligibility periods, e.g., ‘all employees receiving recognition in Q3’. This key addition ensures a long-held gripe with many award processes is fixed, being that award processes can often undermine or make a mockery of the company recognition program.

Not anymore. If your manager or colleagues didn’t think it was worthy of recognition at the time, you can’t be winning an award 12 months later.

So, are there other benefits to running your awards within a social recognition platform? Yes, this transparent and engaging feature brings every nomination, vote, comment and winner into the social feed, and for those organizations using one of the many integrations Workstars has to offer – that means your award process is being broadcast across MS Teams or Yammer day by day. Gone are the days of paper and privacy.

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And there’s also good news for reward managers – any financial benefit to winning a certain company award can be automatically given and received through your program’s existing reward set-up!

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