Employee Recognition Programs

Integrated social employee recognition & reward platform

Make work rewarding and deliver a sustainable boost to your employee engagement strategy.


Why Social Employee Recognition?

Employee Recognition Programmes

Most motivational methods were designed in an era where work – and workers – were different. Here we explain the science and psychology behind social recognition.

Social Recognition

Powerful recognition experience, diverse
reward options, meaningful engagement analytics.
A local and global solution.

How It Works
Employee Recognition Software


Don’t settle for One Size Fits All. Whether micro-bonuses for 50 staff or cost-of-living adjustments globally, Workstars will configure your perfect employee recognition program in a matter of minutes.

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employee recognition programs

With our integrations, you can share your recognitions with the whole company using the tools that your employees are already familiar with, including Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Salesforce Chatter.



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  • Reward and budgets v strategies and pitfalls
  • Your data and hierarchy
  • Manager positioning and your expectations
  • Dashboards, reporting and HR analytics
  • Our software, support, and services
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