How It Works

The platform you have been searching for actually exists. What a relief!

Select a recognition model

You will be pleasantly surprised that there is no need to compromise. Workstars has dozens of recognition models that work for any business, in any industry, in any country. However, even the perfect program can become dated as strategies and philosophies change. This is why our clients sleep well at night – they simply hit the switch and move from one model to another at any time.

It needs to look great of course

Employees want technology that hits the spot. So let’s give it to them. Workstars has invested in the UX and UI but we leave you to add the finishing touches. Our shiny new branding suite ensures every program identity looks the part across PC, mobile and tablet, including custom headers, emails, and images. Your creatives even get to do some coloring in!

Launch and adopt

The number one objective for today’s employee recognition strategies is clear, employee adoption. As leaders begin to create compelling employee experiences, that both attract and retain great people, HR needs to rely on social recognition software that employees love, and want to use. At Workstars we use employee adoption as a metric for our own success – not just yours.


Squeeze recognition into your conversation. Workstars offer integrations with all your favorite tools making roll out and activity easier, faster and more effective, enabling employees to both see and give recognition without even breaking sweat.

Making it social

Creating a forum that encourages every employee to make their workplace more rewarding. It sounds like a good idea to us. Social recognition is a versatile and interactive recognition feed that brings employee recognition to life, removing hierarchies and barriers to recognition whilst alerting managers and leadership to all the good stuff they often miss.

Connecting teamwork

Who does not get excited about a great team outcome, or a large cross-functional project that rocked? The problem in the world of employee recognition has always been how to collect and connect all the players, hierarchies and reward budgets into one simple process that works. With Workstars, it’s easy.

Engaging managers

Are some managers really that bad at employee recognition? Unfortunately, this is often the case, which is why Workstars have designed a manager dashboard with the insight, narrative and reward innovation to get managers excited about giving recognition, and at the heart of the employee engagement conversation.

Shared Values

Corporate values in three words: dust, posters, gathering. OK, so that was back when Ross and Rachel were on a break, but a change was long overdue. Today’s recognition strategies are aligned with corporate values, enabling organizations to celebrate and embed their values through the actions and success of each employee.



We haven’t thrown the baby out with the bath water, just the carriage clocks. You may think social recognition has brought the curtain down on some of the recognition initiatives of the past, but that’s not the case. In fact, company awards are thriving in social formats. Award programs, whether they’re service-based, employee of the quarter, monthly polls or new starter onboarding have all had a new lease of life with Workstars.


In the digital age, reward is simple. Workstars provide electronic voucher codes and pre-paid cards which are all handled electronically and are delivered quickly, anywhere in the world. However, you may choose to manage your own reward catalog, outsource to another provider or manage rewards internally through payroll. We really don’t mind.


A growing number of companies are looking at time and activities as alternative methods to complement or even replace financial recognition, putting the emphasis on managers to really get to know and motivate their employees. In response, Workstars have created pre-built catalogs of time and activity rewards that employees love.

Analysis, it’s all there

You should be analyzing data, not wasting your time compiling it. At Workstars, we have done all the hard work for you, whether that’s tax reports, employee engagement, manager performance or various monthly trends. It’s quick, insightful and up to date.

Go global

“Can I recognize a German colleague working in Switzerland from my US budget?” Yes. “Great, can their manager approve it first and can it also be adjusted for cost of living?” No problem. “Wow! And can they use the platform in German, but redeem their reward in Swiss Francs?” Absolutely. “Amazing, now you’re just showing off!”

Launch Workstars and enjoy 90% natural adoption