Who We Are

In 2012, the Workstars leadership team put their hands in their own pockets with the goal of building the best employee recognition software on the planet. Today we are still focused on our original core values, our belief and investment have never been stronger, and we enjoy working with hundreds of clients of all sizes across the globe.

Our Values

We Build

We build great software. We innovate and take pride in what we do.

We Invest

We invest in intuition. We back ideas, and ourselves.

We Listen

We listen to customers, not accountants. We deliver outstanding services to customers. We don’t deliver outstanding customers to accountants.

We Admire

We admire heartfelt work. Succeeding through care and enthusiasm.

We Learn

We learn for ourselves. We master our subject, and share our expertise.

We Play

We play to win. We enjoy competition, and celebrating together.

Work with us

We are constantly looking out for great people. But specifically, we need people who are passionate about helping build a market-leading global SaaS business.

Is Workstars the right company for you? We are a well modeled agile business that runs on common sense and creativity, we are always looking for people who thrive on making decisions and getting stuff done.

Want to see some of our best bits? Well, how about 30 days’ holidays (plus bank holidays), 24-month sickness insurance, oh and pajama Skypers will love working from home. We would love to hear from you.

Don't see the job you're looking for? That's okay! Send your CV anyway, and we'll contact you when something comes up.

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