Who We Are

We help local and global HR teams deliver a sustainable boost to their employee engagement strategy through market-leading social employee recognition software. Working alongside forward-thinking HR professionals across 67 countries, our people support companies in a variety of industries from 50 staff, up to those with tens of thousands - all of whom have reduced the role of managers and embraced recognition from an employee's perspective. As a true SaaS provider, Workstars includes the innovation, automated features and reward services you'd expect from a market leader - but is packaged in an easy, free-to-launch SaaS platform that is available to any size business. A first in our market.

In 2012 the Workstars leadership team put their hands in their own pockets with the goal of building the best employee recognition software on the planet. Since then our core values have guided us from being a start-up company to the growth we enjoy today, continuing to play an integral role in who we are.

Our Values

We Build

We build great software. We innovate and take pride in what we do.

We Invest

We invest in intuition. We back ideas, and ourselves.

We Listen

We listen to customers, not accountants. We deliver outstanding services to customers. We don’t deliver outstanding customers to accountants.

We Admire

We admire heartfelt work. Succeeding through care and enthusiasm.

We Learn

We learn for ourselves. We master our subject, and share our expertise.

We Play

We play to win. We enjoy competition, and celebrating together.