Making work rewarding in 67 countries

As anyone in HR knows, one of the biggest challenges facing international businesses is how to manage, organize and of course, engage both employees and teams across different countries.

Lack of managerial visibility, limited opportunities for face-to-face recognition and even basic factors such as language barriers can all heavily impact the cohesion of any workforce, as well as limiting the opportunities to engage employees and curate a desirable working culture.

To help combat this, our product development team have been working away to build and launch a raft of new global features for the Workstars platform. Already enjoyed in 67 countries and soon to be rolled-out worldwide, Workstars is now able to bring the benefits of social recognition to every employee on the globe – without HR having to break a sweat.

Here are just some of the new global features packed into Workstars! 

Live in 67 countries 

Workstars is already live in 67 countries! And is ready to launch in any country worldwide with the functionality in place to ensure your recognition program delivers in every territory your business has employees.  

Multiple languages available 

Our platform is capable of running different language options, too, ensuring maximum employee uptake and engagement in the program.  

Local currency conversions 

The Workstars platform sorts out currency conversions so you can assign financial rewards in employee’s native currencies.  

Cost of living adjustments 

Not all rewards are received equally. After all, a meal out is likely to cost an employee more in one city than it does in another.  

So, with our new cost of living features, program admins can set reward levels that deliver the same real-terms reward across the board for each employee.  

Country-specific rewards 

The rewards that are most appreciated and deliver the best return-on-human-investment are those that are relevant. Program administrators can now set country-specific rewards for their organization’s teams, no matter where they’re based, to ensure rewards are highly valued. Or for a truly flexible and global option, use our virtual pre-paid Workstars MasterCard. 


Due to Workstars being a true SaaS application, we can create your recognition scheme in minutes, ready for you to load your employee data and create your branding. So, whether you are launching to 200 employees across 5 countries or thousands over 30 countries, there are no set-up, development or project management costs. 

See Workstars in action 

Explore how the Workstars platform can help make work rewarding for your employees with a quick 45-minute demo. See how it works, get your questions answered and discover all the features that you can roll-out as part of your people engagement program.  

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