Our Why

Employees, and not just managers, need the emotional highs from giving recognition. Peer to peer recognition provides the motivational opportunities that reduce stress, increase happiness and connect us to our work.

Our Mission

To change how employee recognition works, and tangibly improve the wellbeing and happiness of every employee.

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Who We Are | Our Story

Our Story

After years of research, industry involvement and personal experience, we noticed that employee recognition was under-valued, and made little sense. Employees were starved of recognition, and limited in how they could express their own thoughts, and emotions. Managers were poor, with the act of recognition being at best a rare transaction. Whilst the reward industry focussed on one thing, selling more reward. Knowing this we made the investment and commitment to change how employee recognition works. We believed employee recognition was a matter of perspective, that the benefits of peer to peer recognition were un-tapped in the workplace, and that there was more to reward than a gift card. We still do, that is why we made recognition social.

Our Values

An evolving commitment to ourselves, and our customers. Selected and improved by everyone at Workstars.

  • We Build

    We build great software. We innovate and take pride in what we do.

  • We Invest

    We invest in intuition. We back ideas, and ourselves.

  • We Listen

    We listen to customers, not accountants. We deliver outstanding services to customers. We don’t deliver outstanding customers to accountants.

  • We Admire

    We admire heartfelt work. Succeeding through care and enthusiasm.

  • We Learn

    We learn for ourselves. We master our subject, and share our expertise.

  • We Play

    We play to win. We enjoy competition, and celebrating together.