Select your favoured employee recognition model, choose the settings that best fit your culture, maybe plug in reward and perks? And watch the positive energy flow through your business.

Employee Recognition Programs
A big thank you from myself, and the directors.  Employee Recognition Program


Start to maximise the only area of your workplace that is 100% dedicated to the positive. Give your employees their own recognition voice, and create a forum for the expression, individualism and emotions that make work rewarding.

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Reward If You Wish

Use Workstars online rewards and store cards, create your own catalogue, include perks, or turn reward off, the choice is yours. Workstars fits any strategy and budget.

Employee Recognition Programs | Share Values

Share Values

Transforming the words and phrases that gather dust on office posters and corporate websites. Celebrate your values through the actions and success of your employees, connect customer feedback, raise the bar on managers, and ensure company values are celebrated and understood.

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The industries most versatile and interactive recognition feed. Allow managers to recognise again, encourage leadership to reward popular activity, congratulate, collect favourites, trigger award nominations or turn on reward transparency. The choice is yours.

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Employee Recognition Programs | Social


Managers are starting to excel at employee recognition with Workstars. Provide your managers with the insight, narrative and reward innovation required to ensure they are at the heart of your engagement conversation.


Drawing lines of recognition across offices, countries and functions has been complex, until now. As employees increasingly look to a shared sense of purpose, excited customers and positive outcomes for their job satisfaction. Social employee recognition programs help you connect teams and departments, to what they do.

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staff recognition programs


Put an end to heavy communication plans and  prescriptive manager buy-in. When it comes to natural adoption, social recognition is out stripping every alternative. Start to observe the employees who are coming to work with open eyes and minds, see who is living your values, and energising your culture, like never before.

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