Agency / Reward Fulfillment

SaaS Vendor

SaaS Vendor

Trial period with recognition consultant

Guaranteed 30 day trial and a specialist to help you

Very difficult to trial something that does not exist

Most employee recognition vendors offer trials

Business model does not support try before you buy

Free to launch software

Simple, fast and flexible launch process

Expensive build costs, lengthy process with reward bias

Free and fast but very limited software capabality

Can be flexible but slow to set-up and never free

80+ Pre built configurations

Smart employee recognition engine to fit any strategy

Very little recognition understanding or investment

Software is one size fits all.

Most have some but defined by heavy reward logic

Pre-launch workshops

Sandbox your manager workshops before you go live

Time spent testing custom code and functionality

No pre-live status or managed services

Some employee recognition vendors do with fees

Global reward services

Covering 97 countries with no volume commitment

Some vendors can but often restricted by technology capability

Few reward capable vendors, non with global reach

All employee recognition vendors do but high volume expectations

Perk and 3rd Party reward catalogues

"Open" software can plug and play any reward offering

Custom solutions, only use agency reward and pricing

Some social recogntion vendors offer "open" software

Not possible, only use in house reward and pricing

Real time manager dashboards

Action based intelligence available 24/7

Little to help managers inspire and engage their team

Limited hierarchy and manager functionality

Some manager insight available via reporting access

A complete mobile experience

Built for mobile and a seamless employee experience

More custom build costs and maintanence

Yes mirroring the one size fits all model

Some do very well, some do very poorly

Financial and reward management

Comprehensive cost centre, budget and breakage views

Limited, not flexible or transparent

Not available, limited financial understanding

Limited, not flexible or transparent

Innovation and feature pipeline

A clear vision with updates and opt-in features

Not specialists or enthusiasts, no software investment

Progressive features as business model is not tied to reward

Some do, but often reward bias limits vision and innovation

Country and global programs

Countries, languages and currency built in

Limited understanding, more build costs and maintanence

Some have countries and languages built in

Countries, currency, however languages at best client responsibility

Security and Testing

Network, application and data security, 3rd party penetration testing

Client funds cost to try and maintain custom application security

Not built to exceed enterprise level security expectations

Security is key to delivering in the enterprise market

Full API Suite for automation

Pre-built API's for data, hierarchy and workflow integrations

Automation build costs, model is a barrier to integrations

Weak on hierarchy/data automation but often good integrations

Automation is key to delivering in the enterprise market.