A recognition and reward platform that actually delivers on your HR objectives

Bring all the positivity and achievements happening in your company into one place with Workstars. Aligning great work, behaviours and values with company awards and rewards has never been easier.

Choose from over 5,000 gift card options globally including holidays, experiences and flights, remove administrative burden by automating your anniversary celebrations, and easily manage reward budgets with risk-free invoicing at the point of redemption.

Intrigued? Workstars is free for 2024 with no set-up fees!

What employees think, and the tangible outcomes for your business

Are you thinking of taking the next step and injecting Workstars and peer-to-peer recognition into your culture? We hope so, hear is what others have to say.

Three things to bear in mind as you read the rest of this page…

Machias Bank saw a 1,286% surge in recognition activity after launching Workstars, and saved 30 days a year in program admin and reporting time compared to their old platform. An entire month! 

At Acadia Healthcare, the number of employees who said ‘I have fun at workincreased by 4.5% and a 5% increase in patient satisfaction scores. They calculated that the ROI from Workstars was a cool 570%.

At remote-first software firm PayNW, they saw 95% of their employees register for Workstars in the first 2 weeks, and 85% received recognition in the first month!

Say hello to Workstars

Workstars is bursting at the seams with incredible features that
your people, and your managers, will love.

Workstars are focused on creating the features to inspire employees, managers and leaders every day. 


Peer-to-peer recognition reduces the sense of hierarchy and allows employees the space and trust to express themselves through appreciation.


Simply turn on any of our global reward options and enjoy risk-free invoicing at the point of redemption, or manage reward in-house with your own catalogues and perks.


Employee of the month, salesperson of the year, your MVP… Workstars makes your company awards and end-of-year traditions way more engaging, transparent, and meaningful. 


Your leaders will enjoy real-time insight into people, teams and organisational unit tracking, looking at the very best and worst of your recognition performance.


Workstars is equally loved by office-based staff, remote workers and in-store and warehouse teams alike. Anyone anywhere can show appreciation, give recognition, and be rewarded for their contribution.


Quickly add languages, countries, currencies and cost of living adjustments without set-up charges or incurring additional resource overhead.

For many, Workstars is the dream, purpose-built recognition platform. Ready to go, easy to configure, free to launch, and already integrates with the tools your teams use every day.

From integrating with your existing HRIS and sharing recognitions into your Slack and Teams channels, to super-streamlined single sign-on logins, Workstars is easy to set-up, and super easy to maintain. 

How much does all this cost?
Less than you would probably think, and it scales as you do.

If your team has to shrink, then so does your subscription fee. You also only pay for what you need, rather than a tonne of features and functionality you don’t care about. And as you grow, so does Workstars. Easily add new starters and get them onboarded to Workstars in no time at all, without any admin charge. 

Remember, Workstars is free for 6 months with no set-up fees.


All the features to celebrate success and reward the best


per user / billed monthly

Everything you need to get recognition going:

✔️ Engaging 360-degree recognition
✔️ Mobile-ready
✔️ Employee, manager, central analytics
✔️ Service, onboarding, company awards
✔️ Effortless rewards
✔️ Full client services support
✔️ Free to launch!


For larger companies that require a higher level of integration & security


per user / billed monthly

All the Entry-level features, plus:

✔️ Business hierarchy replication
✔️ Integrate with Slack & Teams
✔️ Single sign-on with SAML
✔️ One-click HRIS integrations 


Make use of our global features to create international fluency.


per user / billed monthly

All the Pro-level features, plus:

✔️ Multi-language
✔️ Multi-currency
✔️ Cost-of-living adjustments
✔️ Multi-rewards & awards 

Launch your new reward and recognition program today

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